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Loss of Consensus Examples

While the loss of consortium claim is often based on financial compensation, it also protects the physical integrity of the husband-wife relationship. The law recognizes that a wife’s sexual intimacy is a significant part of a husband-wife relationship. Loss of consortium can be a very emotional time for a couple, and there are plenty of loss of consortium examples to consider. Here are a few examples. Read on to see if this type of claim is the right fit for you.

A loss of consortium claim will be difficult to pursue if you’re unmarried, but it can be a powerful legal claim. The courts have interpreted the loss of consortium statute differently, allowing it to apply to unmarried partners in certain circumstances. Until recently, a spouse could only claim for loss of consortium if they were married. However, in 2012, the New Mexico Supreme Court decided to recognize loss of consortium claims for unmarried cohabitants.

One example of a loss of consortium claim involves a motorcycle accident. The spouse injured in the crash may not be able to help the non-injured spouse with household tasks like making the bed or taking the kids to school. These inconveniences are the non-economic damages that a spouse can claim for. But if the injured spouse is severely injured, he or she may not be able to support the family. Such a loss of consortium claim is based on the victim’s financial contribution to the marriage.

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