Forbes Explores 12 of the Best Healthcare Stocks for 2022

Among the defensive industries, healthcare stocks are a good choice. Their products, which are vital to the economy, improve the quality of people’s lives. As such, healthcare stocks are a safe place to invest in. Forbes explores 12 of the best healthcare stocks for 2022. While some are developing life-saving drugs, others have well-built business models and are largely priced for growth. Here’s a look at what makes these companies so attractive.

Growth prospects are another factor to consider when choosing a healthcare stock. While you’re assessing a company’s recent growth rates, check out their revenue growth to get a sense of whether or not it’s likely to increase future revenue. Even if the company has had weak growth in recent years, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to continue to grow. Look at their website and competitors for more information. Companies often mention their rivals in 10-K annual regulatory filings.

Pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & expotab Johnson and UnitedHealth Group are a great place to invest in. The company has been around for 130 years and has recently shifted its focus to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also boasts the largest employee base among all healthcare companies. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, it has the largest number of employees among other sectors. These are good stocks to invest in now, and the companies listed above are all on the rise.

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